About Mr Dhillon

Mr S.S. Dhillon is an 29-year experienced criminal lawyer in Singapore who prides himself on serving his clients to get the best legal representation. He is the founder of Dhillon & Panoo LLC. Before his legal career, Mr Dhillon was serving the police force for 5 years.

Throughout the years in practice, Dhillon has seen him carve out a formidable reputation for himself within the legal community and beyond. Well renowned and held in high esteem, Dhillon is celebrated as one of the foremost criminal lawyers among his peers.

Dhillon has worked on such a wide array of cases, ranging from the mundane, straightforward run-of-the-mill cases to much more multifarious defense scenarios in the State and High Courts as well as many Court of Appeal cases. Be it the defense of simple theft cases or highly charged and explosive criminal cases, Dhillon expends equal commitment to all his clients. And it is this dedication that has seen him clinching critical acquittals in capital cases.

Handled thousands of cases:

  • Assault, whether it caused “grievous bodily harm” or normal “hurt”
  • Traffic offences
  • Misuse of controlled drugs
  • Rioting
  • Illegal money lending
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drink driving
  • Employment of illegal workers
  • Theft or misappropriation
  • Burglary / Robbery
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter, or Culpable homicide
  • Corruption
  • Operating a business without license
  • Sexual assault, Molest or Rape
  • Other offences under the Penal Code

Our office caters to all languages:

  • English
  • Mandarin 新加坡华语 / 新加坡華語
  • Hokkien 新加坡福建话
  • Other Chinese Dialects: Cantonese etc.
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Bahasa Indonesian
  • Tamil
  • Hindi / Punjabi

We will be with you at every step of the way

Our expert team, with their combined years of criminal law experience, put you in good stead when you come to us with the above issues. In particular,Mr S.S Dhillon, is one of the most formidable and top criminal lawyers in Singapore.

We will be with you at every step of the way – to explain the process, to ensure you are aware of every charge against you and the implications of each and every decision you make forthwith. It can be a time of turbulent emotions, as you and your loved ones grapple with what is happening to you and around you.

Understanding that, it is here that we stand as the voice of reason, while we work together and claim justice for you.

If you are facing any criminal charges against you or suspected of a crime and need legal help now, Please do contact us at +65 6323 2320 to work on your case immediately.

Landmark cases that Mr Dhillon represented

One gets off drug charge, another to hang

Reference: https://thesingaporelawyer.blogspot.com/2013/04/criminal-litigation-drug-trafficking.html


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“I made the right choice by engaging Mr Dhillon as my lawyer. Because of his experience in dealing with similar situations like mine, he knew how to resolve my case. With his help, I ended up with only a warning. Being the only provider in my family, I was very relieved. Thank you Mr Dhillon!”

Mrs C

“My son was facing heavy criminal charges. As a parent, I was too stress to figure out how to help my son that I decided to see Mr Dhillon. Speaking to him, he was very compassionate about my son’s situation and was ready to help. I am very grateful for the work he has done to defend my son and I am very pleased with the outcome.”


“I was recommended by a relative to see Mr Dhillon because I had no understanding why I was facing multiple charges. Mr Dhillon helped me by clearly explaining my situation, guided me on how I can drop my charges and close my case fast. He is very knowledgeable lawyer and his fees are reasonably fair.”


“I was expecting to face a heavy penalty in court till I met Mr Dhillon. He is a smart and confident person that knows how to take control of your situation. I was lucky to get away with a warning with Mr Dhillon’s help.”


“I was prepared to serve jail time. I decided to see Mr Dhillon to get my sentence reduced but after a few sessions in court, I got away with a fine. If it wasn’t for Mr Dhillon’s help, I would have face imprisonment.”


“The time and effort put in by Mr Dhillon is professional. He truly wants to help people fight for their 2nd chance. Very grateful to meet this man. A real calibre in his work.”

Why Consult With Mr Dhillon?

Affordable & Transparent Fees

The fees involved will be clearly explained to you before you engage Mr Dhillon as your lawyer. Feedback from our past clients said that the fees are affordable for a very experienced lawyer.

Lawyer With Proven Results

Mr Dhillon is an experienced lawyer that will tenaciously fight for your rights and will help you reduce or drop the charges in your situation. During your initial consultation, you can ask him for references to similar cases to yours and their outcomes.

Fast response and always available

Unwavering support from Mr Dhillon and his team. Your case is the most important thing in your life right now and we believe that you should entitled to communicate with us whenever you need to.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is the utmost importance to us. We collect your information only when you contact us via email or call. These information is strictly used for arranging your free case consultation with Mr Dhillon. Your information is stored and viewed by only the staff of Dhillon & Panoo LLC. We are not in the business of distributing your information to any third parties as we value your trust in us. Alternatively, if you do not wish to provide your name, phone, email or your message on https://www.criminallawyerdhillon.com, you can visit us during office hours.